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These adorable cheese/charcuterie walnut boards are inspired by a love for gatherings and elegant design.  Display various themes throughout the table or create individual boards for each guest. After hosting, you may enjoy a relaxing evening for yourself by pouring a glass of your favorite wine and snack on a tasty display of your favorite cheeses. Our new personal charcuterie boards bring everyone together by creating a beautiful table-scape for your home. Sold individually or contact us for a set of 4 boards through our contact page.

Created by The Old Place Studio with natural walnut wood sourced locally from Texas.  *No living tree was harmed in the making of this product. We chose the name Charlotte for this particular board because the name is of French origin as is 'charcuterie' and charlotte means 'petite.'  (Maybe a French wine paired with your cheese board:)

Mason's Mini Charcuterie Board

  • All of our wood products are finished with food safe products.  In order to keep the smooth finish of your pruduct you must follow the cleaning and care instructions we provide. You may also find them here. 

    Cleaning: Rinse with cold water. Only use a soft cloth to wipe the wood. If it is not clean after the rinse.  You may use a tiny amount of dish soap but you must immediately follow up with the care routine.  DO NOT SUBMERSE IN WATER. NO DISHWASHER.

    Care routine: Be sure the product is clean and completely dry before beginning the care routine.  This must be done at least after every 5-10 uses or after using any kind of dish soap. Use a food grade minerol oil and beeswax mix to apply over entire board. Spread so that it is oily to the touch. Allow to dry over night. The the next day wipe excess oil with towel. If you are interested, we sell jars of the mineral oil and beeswax already mixed. Please see our store.

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